About us: Who is behind the Scrumfinder?

Scrumfinder is intended to be a compass for anyone seeking Scrum certification – that is our goal. The information on this website comes from UnitedCreation. We are a marketing agency from Ettlingen near Karlsruhe and have some Scrum professionals in our team ourselves. We regularly work with Scrum and Scrum elements, for example in our retrospectives or in larger projects. Therefore, we are very familiar with the subject and are happy to share our wealth of knowledge.

We bring transparency into the jungle of Scrum certifications and give interested parties a clear overview: Which major providers are there, how do they differ and what do they offer? The Scrumfinder is intended to serve as a decision-making aid and help you find the right provider for your Scrum certification.

Your guide in the jungle of Scrum certifications

This is exactly the kind of overview page we would have liked to have when our team members were due for training and examination to become Scrum Masters. Back then, we had to gather and compare all the information ourselves. Not everyone has enough time and desire to do this.

Therefore, we have compiled our extensive knowledge for you: In the Scrumfinder, you will find everything you need to know about exam costs, exam details, certificate validity periods and other important key data – briefly and concisely at a glance. Enjoy browsing and making your decision!

Scrum Certifications:

We paid attention to the following points
for our comparison:

  • Prices
  • Audit criteria
  • Validity period of the certificates
  • Credibility of the providers