How hard is the Scrum Master exam?

If you want to take the Scrum Master exam, you may wonder beforehand how difficult such a Scrum exam actually is. Different providers also specify different requirements that a prospective Scrum Master must fulfill. That’s why today we’re taking a close look at how difficult the Scrum Master exam is. Let’s get started!

Can the Scrum exam be managed?

One thing right up front: every Scrum exam is manageable. To our knowledge, there has never been an exam provider with the ultimate difficult Scrum exam that no candidate has ever passed. So do not panic! Aspiring Scrum Masters can fortunately choose where they want to take their test, giving them the leeway to create the conditions that are best for them.

Which Scrum Master exam should I take?

Choosing the right Scrum Master exam for you depends on several factors. Therefore, we have taken a detailed look at the largest certification providers and present them on our provider page with all their advantages and disadvantages. Whether or not the Scrum Master exam is difficult should not be the sole deciding factor. After all, you want to acquire knowledge and prove it. A poorly completed test that basically only certifies your participation will not go down well with most employers – especially since they will notice after a short time if you do not have the necessary practical knowledge.

So whether the exam questions are easy or difficult should at least not be the only criterion. However, for people with exam anxiety, this can be an aspect under which they choose their Scrum Master exam.

Are the Scrum Master exam questions easy or hard?

The exam questions in the Scrum exam differ from provider to provider. For example,’s Scrum Master exam is considered moderately difficult. However, this is not so much because of the questions themselves, but rather because of the short time in which they have to be answered. In fact, in the exam, you have 60 minutes to answer 80 questions at This results in an average of 45 seconds for each individual question.

The Scrum Master exams offered by PeopleCert and the Scrum Alliance are more relaxed: With 40 and 50 questions in 60 minutes, respectively, you can give yourself twice as much time to think.

Perfectly prepared: Training to become a Scrum Master

In the end, the most important thing is that you have internalized the knowledge you need as a Scrum Master in practice. Therefore, either way, it is in your best interest to thoroughly prepare for your Scrum exam. If you are disciplined and willing to do research, you can do this through self-study depending on the provider. In most cases, however, a Scrum Master training of two to three days duration is recommended in order to get the knowledge directly from the professionals. This is the best way to internalize the learning material and avoid the risk of falling for circulating misinformation. We wish you good luck for your Scrum Master exam!