Scrum Master or Product Owner: Who is paid more?

Whether Scrum Master or Product Owner is the right job for you depends on a number of factors. Personality, skills and tasks play a central role here. But what about the salary? Do product owners or scrum masters earn more? And what does the individual salary actually depend on? We have scrutinized and evaluated the salary comparisons of several renowned Internet portals. So join us for an adventurous journey into the wilderness of Scrum salaries!

Who earns more: Scrum Master or Product Owner?

Scrum Master or Product Owner – who gets more money? Initially, this question cannot be answered in a universal way. Many websites now run salary comparisons between the two roles, but the answer remains the same: it depends. Certifications, work experience, degrees, and last but not least, company size play a big role in what salary Product Owners and Scrum Masters will earn.

Salary as Scrum Master

In general, the salary range for Scrum Master is quite wide. Starting salaries in this area start at a minimum of 38,000 euros per year. On average, a Scrum Master can expect a salary of around 54,600 euros. However, as I said, this depends not only on personal qualifications, but also on factors such as the industry and the state in which the Scrum Master performs his duties.

With several years of work experience, a good Scrum Master certification and some luck, a Scrum Master can earn up to 87,700 Euros per year. However, this is more likely to be the case in large companies and lucrative projects. Scrum Masters tend to feel a sense of accomplishment in small organizations and start-ups. Here they can adapt the Scrum framework according to their ideas, while large companies often dictate a certain way of working.

The Product Owner Salary

On average, product owners start with a higher salary than scrum masters. They can expect around 40,300 euros as a starting salary per year. With some work experience, appropriate certifications and reference projects, a product owner can earn an average of 62,200 euros per year. However, the salary range does not end here: Experienced product owners in large organizations, who may also be responsible for personnel, can achieve impressive salaries of up to 94,000 euros. However, these are rather isolated cases. The salary of a well-paid product owner will realistically settle at around 70,000 euros.

Salary differences between Scrum Master & Product Owner

So we can conclude: On average, you can earn a little more salary as a product owner. However, it depends a lot on personal situation, certifications, work experience and work environment. So an experienced Scrum Master can earn just as much salary as a Product Owner with less experience or in a smaller company.

In the end, however, salary requirements should not be the deciding factor in whether you choose a path as a Scrum Master or Product Owner. The tasks of the two roles, their responsibilities and, as a result, the requirements placed on them are very different. Therefore, you should choose the role that fits your personal strengths – and that you can fill with passion.